Pokemon x Post Malone Concert Preview

By Milend Kolbet

February 27, 2021 at 7:00 pm EST marks the start of a year-long online concert series like no other. In celebration of 25 years of global success, the Pokemon Company has decided to branch out from its marvelous world of fictional characters to bring us a whole new form of entertainment, the P25 Music program. Starting with Post Malone’s Feb. 27 concert these events will be on Youtube, Twitch, and Pokemon.com. P25 will host several other artists and events throughout the year, some of which will be announced at the end of the program.

While this concept may come off as a forced collaboration between a musical artist and a brand in order to advertise, the overall series hopes to accomplish something more than that. P25 offers its own unique spin on the concert form by featuring new music that has been “created through the lens of Pokemon.” 

Both Post Malone and potentially featured artist Katy Perry are lifelong Pokemon fans. The fact that Pokemon is seeking artists willing to blend their talents with the world of Pokemon means that the products of this series will likely be superior to other commercially intertwined musical projects. Hopefully it can eclipse Wendy’s uninspiring 2018 EP “We Beefin?” 

Here Post Malone has to balance the difficult task of creating music more family friendly than his usual explicit content — in a way that is still appealing to his own fanbase. How he manages to balance the portrayal of a fictional universe, and remain relatable in the Pop/Hip-Hop genre is an exciting task that will likely elicit entertaining results. What sort of lyrics that would entail is beyond my imagination. 

Despite the difficulty of the task Post Malone’s personality combines well with this event. While other artists of his caliber can often be seen publicly attending high society events and spending absorbent amounts of money, Post offers a refreshing alternative. He can often be seen playing beer pong, and is portrayed in the media as a generally laid back person. In 2020 he played a role in Spenser Confidential, an action film starring Mark Wahlberg. In general he is not someone who takes himself too seriously, and is perhaps the perfect artist to adventure into a musical collaboration with a fictional universe. 

Additionally, what the trailer for the event makes clear is that this concert will feature an animated version of Post Malone in some capacity, artistically styled as if he were in the game. However what is fascinating about this event is that neither the website nor the trailer releases adequate information about this concert. Which songs will be played? What new musical content is to be released? In fact the animated version of Post Malone is only shown at the end of the trailer, leaving one to wonder exactly what form of visual representation this concert will create. Will it focus on existing music and Post Malone’s existing persona? Or a new theme of Pokemon related music? Perhaps this mystery was created in order to further intrigue the audience, as we wait to see whether a human or cartoon Post Malone takes the stage.

Regardless if one is interested in Post Malone or Pokemon, this concert, and the overall series represent a mysterious and intriguing form of musical performance worth checking out. With a global pandemic limiting our ability to gather for concerts, this online musical performance may offer a form that will last long after Covid-19 is gone. This form of expression marks a growing trend following Travis Scott’s successful April 2020 concert on the online video game Fortnite, which attracted twelve million viewers. This concert format represents both a way to reclaim lost audiences, as well as to reach out to new audiences who may attend due to the theme of gaming.

For many musical artists live performances have been an important source of income to supplement the pay from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. How the form of online concerts will progress is exciting to consider, and this series looks to begin its own unique take on the form, with events throughout the year. Thus I invite you to attend Post Malone’s P25 concert on February 27th as we embark on a new journey of musical collaboration like no other.


Pokemon Website – https://25.pokemon.com/en-us/music/p25music-concert


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