A Celebration of Tame Impala’s Music Career

Kevin Parker, the brains behind the psychedelic music project Tame Impala, welcomed his newborn daughter, Peach, into the world just over a month ago. However, that’s not the only thing the Australian multi-instrumentalist is celebrating. In February of 2020, Tame Impala released The Slow Rush, which won five Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards as well as two GRAMMY nominations.

Another one of Parker’s recent milestones is the 10th anniversary of the project’s  debut album, InnerSpeaker. Since its release, Parker’s music has become a bit more mainstream. In an interview with Billboard, he professed that he dreams to be at the center of the pop scene. Having already collaborated with Travis Scott and Kanye West, with future work with Arctic Monkeys and Dua Lipa, it’s clear that his dream is coming together.

To celebrate a decade of Tame Impala, Parker and his touring band streamed the entirety of InnerSpeaker online. Though the album was actually released in May of 2010, any visions of taking the project on tour last year were ruined thanks to COVID-19. Despite that, the stream presented some interesting opportunities for the group, including performing the album in Perth’s Wave House, the same space where Parker recorded the album a decade ago. Additionally, it was available globally at $10 a ticket. Since the band’s in-person shows sell out arenas, it’s difficult to imagine just how many people attended this online event.

The stream was run on April 21st, 2021 on the Moment House platform, which also offered a chatroom and merchandise commemorating the album. Although the sound and video quality were beautiful, because of poor connectivity, everything was a bit fuzzy on the screen. That aside, Parker and his bandmates played to perfection.

“Desire Be Desire Go” is the album’s biggest hit, but the fans had reasons to love each and every piece. During “Lucidity,” “Runway Houses City Clouds,” and “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” the videographer used a kaleidoscopic lens, making it appear as though there were six Kevin Parkers instead of one.

The chatroom was busy during every second of the concert — some folks typed out song lyrics, while others talked about which psychedelic drug they took prior to the stream. During “The Bold Arrow Of Time,” one viewer commented, “Whiskey Theme Song.” With its rugged, almost blueslike sound, it’s difficult to imagine that this track never made its way into a Jeep commercial.

In between songs, the camera panned across the band’s members, or caught the sun setting on the Indian Ocean. Occasionally, the synth player would imitate ocean waves or make whooshing noises on his instrument to add to the collective ambiance of the evening. However, momentary silences never felt awkward. The group was so comfortable around each other that they made you feel comfortable too.

The concluding “I Don’t Really Mind,” turned into a jam session that would have transitioned perfectly into the beginning of the next album, Lonerism. As the group finished rocking out, the synth whooshing returned and the music, sights, and sounds trailed away along with the light of the sun. As the temporary universe I had disappeared into for the last hour faded to black, I felt I had no choice but to open Spotify and continue where they left off.

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