Concert Preview: Claudia Hinsdale Senior Recital

“Oh what is holiness?” asks contemporary poet Mary Oliver in “The Fawn.” In contemplating nature as the divine, we might ask ourselves how we spiritually connect to the world around us when listening to fourth year Oberlin TIMARA student composer Claudia Hinsdale’s senior recital on April 25. When Hinsdale sings, her voice settles like a reverent hymn. Each listener’s mind, body, and soul should come into alignment when witnessing the composer’s music. When was the last time we felt akin to something larger, greater? Is there something sacred in the natural environment around us? Perhaps these are questions the artist has contemplated herself in rural Ohio over the past four years, and will answer during her program on Sunday at 8:30 pm underneath Mudd ramp at the Mary Church Terrell Main Library.

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“They’re Calling me Home” Album Review: Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi Connect To Their Roots

Critically acclaimed and Grammy Award-winning musician Rhiannon Giddens released her fifth album, They’re Calling me Home, in collaboration with Francesco Turrisi, on April 9th on Nonesuch records. In a small studio on a farm along the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland, Giddens and Turrisi produced the twelve-track record that longs both for the literal comfort of home and the metaphorical “calling home” of death. In the middle of a pandemic, and with songs ranging from Appalachian folk tunes and American bluegrass to Italian lullabies and traditional Celtic music, Giddens and Turrisi emotionally reveal the traditions and intimate roots that beckon each other home.

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Exploring the Bassoon’s Endless Potential with Dana Jessen

One thing that bassoonist Dana Jessen prides herself on is not feeling satisfied with the limitations of the instrument. A classically trained musician who forged her own path in contemporary music and improvisation, Jessen has enjoyed a wide-ranging career as a performer, teacher, and collaborator throughout North America and Europe. But the road to get there wasn’t always easy.

As a graduate student eager to expand beyond the boundaries of her classical training, she was frustrated to realize there were virtually no bassoonists pursuing a similar approach. At that point, “I truly felt that I had made the biggest mistake by not choosing another instrument, because there was nobody doing all the stuff that I wanted to do on the bassoon,” she said during a recent interview. So, how did Jessen eventually fulfill her artistic vision? She improvised.

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How to Experience Southern Hospitality Next Saturday Without Actually Traveling to Texas

Image courtesy of Gwen Goble

“Everything is nebulous and time is fake,” oboist Gwen Goble said when asked about her 344th day at home since Oberlin Conservatory shut down due to the pandemic. Though the Northeastern Ohio school has allowed students to return to campus since last August, Goble opted to stay home and continue her studies remotely for both the fall and spring semesters.

In her third year at the conservatory, Goble’s primary focus this spring has been on preparing her junior recital, which streams live on Saturday, March 6 at 4:30 pm EST. A native of Keller, Texas, Goble is commemorating her tenth year of playing with an unaccompanied program — including a diverse array of composers, ranging from C.P.E. Bach to Jenni Brandon. 

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