One Found Sound’s SPRING Blossoms With Partnership and Poetry

Photo Credit: Natalie N Photography

The San Francisco-based chamber orchestra One Found Sound is no stranger to unconventional concert experiences, whether they be in-person or online. “We’ve never had a show where someone new hasn’t shown up and said ‘I didn’t even know something like this existed,’” oboist Jesse Barrett commented during a recent interview. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the group’s eighth season has continued their characteristic creativity and innovation. Their April 22nd concert, SPRING, is all about collaboration — the online watch party will combine pre-recorded and live elements, celebrating the debut of their education program as well as artistic partnerships with Bay Area poets.

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The Verona Quartet at Oberlin: A Conversation With Abigail Rojansky

The Verona Quartet (Image credit: Dario Acosta)

As artists, the Verona String Quartet are devoted to the concept of storytelling — hence the name Verona, which pays tribute to playwright William Shakespeare. “Doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, visual artist, dancer, or musician — if you’re conveying a powerful story, that’s what the artist does,” violist Abigail Rojansky said during a recent Zoom interview. Currently, the Quartet are busy preparing for their March 10, 7:30 PM recital at Oberlin College and Conservatory, which will explore that emotional connection between the musicians and the audience.

The 2020 recipients of Chamber Music America’s Cleveland Quartet Award, the Verona are serving as Oberlin’s Quartet-in-Residence for this academic year. Formed at Indiana University in 2013 by violinists Jonathan Ong and Dorothy Ro, cellist Jonathan Dormand, and Rojansky, the group enjoys a robust career of both teaching and performing. Their goal when approaching every concert is “to make a powerful connection with the listener by unlocking these stories in a way only we can as musicians,” Rojansky said.

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How to Experience Southern Hospitality Next Saturday Without Actually Traveling to Texas

Image courtesy of Gwen Goble

“Everything is nebulous and time is fake,” oboist Gwen Goble said when asked about her 344th day at home since Oberlin Conservatory shut down due to the pandemic. Though the Northeastern Ohio school has allowed students to return to campus since last August, Goble opted to stay home and continue her studies remotely for both the fall and spring semesters.

In her third year at the conservatory, Goble’s primary focus this spring has been on preparing her junior recital, which streams live on Saturday, March 6 at 4:30 pm EST. A native of Keller, Texas, Goble is commemorating her tenth year of playing with an unaccompanied program — including a diverse array of composers, ranging from C.P.E. Bach to Jenni Brandon. 

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A Conversation with Composer Du Yun on Upcoming Youngstown Performance and Masterclass

When composer, activist, and performer Du Yun recounts her music making process, a few words come to mind. Conviction. Dialogue. Truth. Described by The New Yorker as “irrepressible” and “idiosyncratic”, her seditious writing unites the far-reaching edges of artistry and awakens what it means to create in the 21st century. Combining orchestral music with opera, chamber music, noise, electronics, theater, cabaret, oral tradition, indie pop, avante garde, and all that exists between, Du Yun imagines a world where classical music knows no boundaries. 

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